Sunday, August 23, 2009

Playing Catchup

Wow, do I ever have a lot to catch up on (that doesn’t have to do with random facts or microfantasies). So let’s start with what’s been taking up the majority of my life lately. And that, actually, revolves largely around Em’s life. Or more specifically, his transitioning.

If you follow his blog then you know that last Thursday the 13th he had his first T shot, and from there it feels like his transitioning has finally merged into the fast lane. We are already starting to notice changes which we found out from another transguy isn’t surprising considering Em’s dose (200mg q 2 wks) is at the high end of a normal trans dose. So far his voice has started to crack and change, he has had increased hair growth on his arms and legs, and definitely an increased libido. (Which I certainly don’t mind because a few things have happened lately to amp up my libido as well!) What I have noticed in ministering to his increased libido is that his clitoris/cock has already started to grow in size just a little bit, and also that it feels harder. It also reacts differently during orgasm, swelling and then pulsing much like the male penis. I noticed this to a certain extent with the female clitoris (both mine and his pre-T) but it’s much more pronounced now.

I must say, I find all these changes fascinating, even above and beyond the normal interest I take in anything to do with my partner. And even more so than the physical changes I am noticing how much happier he is. Every time he notices a new change he gets giddy, and in general he is much less dysphoric. He came out at work recently and that has actually gone quite well, better than either of us expected given that he works with a bunch of very conservative, fundamental types.

So things are on the right track for him. Next up, aside from staying on T and keeping things going smoothly there and with his peers, is saving for top surgery. That’s going to be a bit of a bigger hurdle, but we’ll make it over when the time comes. We always do.


Anonymous said...

So cool y'all are already seeing changes! Totally had forgotten all the physiological stuff clits and peni (penis? penises? peni?) share. Even MORE amazing was coming out w/out drama around the conservative types. (Hm, mostly share this with Em since it has very little for u ;) haha)