Friday, August 21, 2009

Honesty Scrap

Tag, I’m it! Roxy at Uncommon Curiosity has passed the baton to me, along with nine others, to complete this meme.

There are three rules for this award:

First, link back to the person who gave you the award: Miss Roxy the Uncommonly Curious.

Next, give the award to ten other bloggers:

(I’m gonna cheat here a little bit because I don’t know very many bloggers, so if I’m tagging you after someone else already has… just deal with it! It doesn’t mean you have to do the damn thing twice. It just means you’re extra-loved.)

Emmett, my partner, for honestly putting up with me.

Kyle, my boyfriend, for honestly teaching me about myself.

Ashleybird for honestly being one of the sweetest and funniest girls on Twitter.

Scarlet the Femme Fagette for honestly introducing me to new gender ideas.

Mollena the Perverted Negress for honestly being unashamedly true to herself.

Niki, one of my oldest friends and Strawbry Kiwi blogger, for honestly being one of the few people with whom I can be completely myself without judgment.

Arron of X-Ray Introductions for honestly being a VERY cool guy to hang with and for getting me into reviewing!

Nadia the Kinky Librarian for honestly bringing the brains into kink and being damn sexy whilst doing it.

Saintchick for honestly being one of my Twitter gurls and someone who helps keep me in touch with my femme side.

Ang the Sweltering Celt for honestly being an amazingly supportive friend and for making me feel understood about being poly.

(Whew! I managed it!)

Finally, list ten honest things about myself:

1) I barely remember what my natural hair color looks like. I know what color it is, but I’m so hooked on trying different hair colors that it hasn’t been natural for a very long time.

2) I’m really bad at coming up with quirky, unique but still honest facts about myself because every interesting insight I’ve ever had into myself goes flying out the window in situations like this.

3) I have, in the past, won awards for my poetry. (And no, that in no way means I’m ever going to post any on this blog.)

4) I absolutely despise talking on the phone. I will text ‘til my fingers are blue but if an actual verbal phone conversation is proposed, I balk like someone asked me to chop off my own right hand. There is only one exception to that rule and he knows very well who he is.

5) My toenails are always painted, but my fingernails have been naked since middle school. Originally this was because I started working with animals and there was just no point to having nice nails, but even now that I’m just working a desk job, my fingernails stay bare. I prefer the way my fingernails look unpainted. Oh, and my favorite color to paint my toenails is gold.

6) Speaking of gold… I hate yellow gold. All of my jewelry is either white gold, silver, copper, or not metal at all. And even then I so rarely wear jewelry except for the stuff worn in piercings (which is either titanium or glass).

7) I have an almost unholy interest in sharps. I love knives, swords, daggers, needle play, piercings—anything to do with very, very sharp objects. They just look and feel so gooooood.

8) I have unusually large gaps between all of my toes. Probably because I have insanely wide feet. And yes, this makes it a larger than normal pain in the ass to shop for shoes, especially cute/sexy ones. It does, however, make it VERY easy to shop for Chucks, which are the Ultimate Shoe. Currently I have more pairs of Chucks than days in the week: dark blue, embroidered green high top, lime green laceless, black and pink, pink, orange, black and red high top and Christmasy candy-striped.

9) Why yes, I DO have a very stream-of-consciousness type of mind that leads me on all sorts of interesting side tracks and yes, it does come out in my writing!

10) (This last fact is always the hardest.) My favorite color in general is green, but my favorite color (or shade, technically) to wear is black. I feel sexiest in all black and if I could I’d wear all black, all the time. The only reason I haven’t done so yet is because I haven’t amassed enough black clothing to get rid of everything else. Someday.


Kyle said...

you're a brat.. tagging me again..

#1 I was gonna ask you about that.. you really don't remember?
#4 yes, I'm sure he does know
#8 you have monkey toes, like my wife and spawn2

ok brat-girl.. now to do this meme one more time