Monday, March 30, 2009


It occurred to me today that in relative comparison to its new offshoots, “orgasm” has almost become a boring word! Let’s have a lookover, shall we?

The foundation of them all, the traditional orgasm: well hell, we all know what an orgasm is, yes? If not… well well well, maybe it’s time you learn!

But now there’s more. There’s the foodgasm: that really amazing “mmmm” reaction you get when you bite into a really well-cooked meal, or your favorite food. Often, like in a true orgasm, the eyes will roll back into the head and will sometimes even be accompanied by a full-body shudder.

Then there’s one I only recently discovered, the numbergasm: a term describing the “OMGawesome” amused feeling one gets when a certain set of numbers stands out to the eye. For example, my most recent numbergasm revolved around the date March 6th of this year – 03/06/09!

And what about the LOLgasm? That oh so wonderful feeling when you’re laughing so hard, tears are streaming down your face – which is hurting from being contorted in such a manner for so long – your stomach muscles are cramping (mmm, sound familiar?) and the feeling spreads through your body much like the waves of an orgasm. This one even comes complete with its own afterglow! (Although I imagine the tryptophan-induced coma one incurs after a really HUGE Thanksgiving dinner is pretty damn close to the post-coital glow…)

The best thing about orgasm is that it can be compounded with just about any other word out there to create your very own customized –gasm. What are yours?

The first one that jumps to my mind is a tequilagasm, describing the intensely wonderful feeling I get when I drink tequila in any form. This one, I feel, is actually closely related to the orgasm itself because typically when I drink, I get very, very inappropriately horny – and we all know where that goes!

My personal favorite is the dancegasm, which is the giddy, euphoria-high feeling I get when I bellydance, even if it’s just goofing around my living room. What can I say? Something about shaking my ass just feels awesome!

So… what –gasms do you claim?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

HNT: Perpendicular*

The results of a light caning/knifeplay session done by M on me, with J observing and enjoying the view. The caning I wasn't so sure about, but show me sharps and I melt into a gooey puddle of ooooooh la la, so needless to say this scene ended well.

Also, I discovered something new about myself: those freckles there on the right. :D

Happy HNT!

*Yes, I do realize those lines aren't exactly perpendicular... it just seemed like a good title. I claim artistic license. *ahem*

Monday, March 23, 2009

A Lazy Microfantasy Monday

Also my first! So... enjoy! Thanks for this awesome idea go to the ironically cool Sweltering Celt.


Bright spring light pours through the window, making her squint sleepy eyes in a vain attempt to block it out and cling to sleep for a few more precious moments. Why not? There’s nowhere else to be. Someone seems to have different plans, though…

Sleep melts into wakefulness as strong hands tug at her pajamas until she feels soft flannel sheets against her bare skin. She is turned, her arms pinned above her head by those same clothes-stealing hands. Stormy blue eyes smile down at her.

“Good morning.”

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Going Green for HNT

My first HNT in quite a while! As it's St. Patrick's week, I might as well bring a little green into my HNT.

As an aside, that also happens to be my favorite spot, aside from my lips of course, to be kissed! Anyone care for a taste?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Pocket Rocket Rocks My Clit!

Ahhh, the Pocket Rocket. I won this nifty little device in one of Essin'Em's fabulous contests, as part of Babeland's Share the Love Kit. (A full review of the kit will come later... after I've tried most or everything in it!) I must admit I was a little dubious given how ridiculously sensitive my clit is, but not being one to turn away free sex toys (especially free sex toys from Babeland!), I decided to give it a go.

The first thing I noticed about the Pocket Rocket is how aesthetically pleasing it is. A little shorter and wider than your average tube of lip gloss - about the size of a largish tube of lipstick I suppose - it is finished in a silky matte blue hard plastic, with clear hard plastic at the end, complete with little teaser nubs. I thought it was neat that you could see the little metal vibrator heads through the clear plastic; I'm just a nerd like that.

The second thing I noticed, much to my pleasure, is that there are no weird watch batteries required for this bad boy. One AA battery does the trick. Hurrah!

Naturally, as soon as I pulled the Rocket out of the box the whole kit comes in and inserted the battery, I had to at least turn it on to get a preliminary viewing. Much to my surprise and initial frustration, the Rocket is actually a little... well not difficult, but certainly not as easy as flicking a switch with one's fingertip or anything. However, as I got to thinking about it, this is really more of a blessing than a curse. The Rocket is obviously designed for portability and travelability. It is perfect for carry-ons and purses. It makes perfect sense to have a vibe NOT turn on so easily, because how embarrassing to be in public and have your purse randomly start buzzing! Or, heaven forbid, if you were carrying it in your pocket. ;) And really it's not THAT difficult to turn on. It just takes a little wrist torque.

But hey, on to the good stuff now! I first tried out the Pocket Rocket on a solo mission while M was at work. Bracing myself, I turned him on and got to work. Well, blog land, let me tell you, was I ever WRONG for doubting the Pocket Rocket! The vibe is surprisingly strong for such a little package, but it was not only bearable but extremely pleasurable! Those little teaser nubs were heaven either drawn straight back and forth across my clit, circled around my clit or (my favorite) twirled directly over my clit. Let me reiterate: I have a VERY sensitive clit. I am most definitely a featherweight when it comes to the intensity of sensation my clit can take. The Pocket Rocket felt AMAZING. It brought me to orgasm quickly and intensely. Let me just put it this way: I'm not generally a screamer. I had to bite one back as the orgasm from the Pocket Rocket hit me like a Mack truck, then slid through my veins like molten chocolate. Mmmm.

Funnily enough, when I tried it on M the first time, it was too much for her. And she's definitely more of a mid- or even heavyweight as far as clit sensation goes. But, she was at that portion of her cycle where sensitivity increases, so I backed off to try another time. That other time came not too long ago, and she also found it very enjoyable, although she did note that it still came to be a little too much after a prolonged amount of time. So maybe this really is a better masturbation toy than partner toy, since typically we know best what we like to do to ourselves and what gets us off to maximum efficacy.

Oh, and I should mention it also felt really neat when lightly, lightly brushed over my nipples. M prefers different nipple sensations so she didn't really care for it, but I thought it was fantastic.

Cleanup was pretty easy. A thin stream of water over the end to get in between the nubs, and a rubdown with a damp cloth elsewhere. Wash 'n' go!

All in all: two very enthusiastic thumbs up! This has become a staple in both the arsenal of toys used on me and in my own self-pleasure arsenal. And it is DEFINITELY a toy I recommend to ANYONE who loves good clit orgasms.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Further Progression of M

So, things are always interesting in the world of transsexualism. There have definitely been new developments since last time I updated about M. For example, did I mention he chose his new name? Emmett. Apparently it means “strong.” That certainly fits.

He got this interesting little gadget that fits onto the top of a doorframe, for working out. You can do pull-ups on it, or put it on the floor and use it for dips, pushups, or fit it into the doorway to use as leverage for situps. He’s been using it a lot, trying to lose that girly softness and build manly muscle. *grin* Can’t say as I’m objecting.

The wardrobe, which has always been tomboyish, is slowly getting more and more masculine. He bought polos the other day. I’ve never been a huge fan of polos before, but wow. He rocks the polos. Especially with a fauxhawk and black Chucks. Funny how easily he combines styles, like wearing a rather preppy polo and punking it up that way.

In less trivial matters (although I guess, really, nothing concerning transsexualism, be it clothes or exercise or anything, is trivial), M came out to his little sister last night. They were just talking about transsexualism and the similarities and differences between transsexualism and other alternative lifestyles – is that really a fitting term? – and his sister came right out and asked. She took it really well, said she was proud of M and would keep it quiet until M is ready to tell the rest of the family. I think M was happy to see that his sister took it so well; it gives him hope that the coming out will go more or less smoothly with the rest of the family.

M has been talking more and more about getting a breast reduction in preparation for total top surgery. He has been reading that in order to get clearance for the more involved surgeries, the doctors involved in the psychiatric aspect like to see that the person can pass as a man for a certain period of time. M, well… has breasts. Very visible breasts that prevent him from truly passing as a man. We’ve been talking about him going to the doctor to discuss breast-related back pain as an opening into breast reduction surgery, but I know he’s worried about finances. Sucks when you can’t be who you need to be because of money.

But, all in all, besides that obstacle, things are going well.

Oh, and may I just say that he looks HOT in boxer briefs?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Players

There comes a point in every blog when the writer herself becomes overwhelmed with the amount of initials used and feels she must explain further.

This is that point. So, let's get started, shall we?

M: my primary and life partner. Six months younger than I. We met in college when he was my then-girlfriend's best friend. Since starting this blog he has embarked on the journey of transitioning from female to male, which is very exciting. You'll see me refer to him less and less as "M" and more so as "Em" or "Emmett" now, because for me "M" is just reminiscent of his pre-trans life. I do write updates on his transitioning here, but for the news straight from the horse's mouth, see his blog.

Kyle: my boyfriend, or the "secondary" if you will. Our relationship is still quite new but I am very optimistic that there is much potential in it for greatness, and I am very much looking forward to seeing where and how it goes. Most will recognize him as ButchtasticKyle of Twitter and his own blog.

Q: my Fairy KinkMother. A good friend whom I met in the local scene - she kind of took Em and I under her wing. She is kind of a universal, fluid type of person: I couldn't stick any one label on her. Queer, kinky, switchy... all fit, but only to an extent, because I swear the woman transcends labels.

As a side note, you will also probably see me mention C and D in relation to Q. C is her husband and D is her girlfriend/submissive whom I have recently dubbed my Fairy KinkAuntie. Yes, apparently poly relationships abound in this extended family of mine.

I also mention my mother a lot, but that's self explanatory and I really don't use an initial for her. What you should know about my mother is that she is divorced from my father and is also kinky and poly. Fun factoid: she is the one who introduced me to FetLife. I know I drove her crazy growing up - I had quite the attitude and the mouth to match - but now that I am out of adolescence and also not living with her, we get along very well.

So I guess that's it for now! I'm sure this list will remain ever changing and expanding...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Dinner of Many

Here’s an intriguing thought: I went out with seven (well, seven and a half, but this story focuses on the adults attending) other people last night. So eight of us total. Me of course, M, J, my mother and her man, my Fairy KinkMother Q, her husband C and their girlfriend D. (The “half” was Q and C’s little girl fondly known as Boo.)

The kicker? Every last adult at that table was in a poly relationship of some sort. There’s M, J and I; there’s Q, C and D, and then my mom and her man – he actually has a primary who just prefers to stay home instead of going out.

I relayed this observation to the table in general and yeah, they all got a kick out of it too. It’s really just funny how things end up like that. For Q, C and D it just kind of happened, and same for my mom who just happened to fall for a man who has a primary. (Although, for the record, my mom has been involved in poly relationships in the past.) For M, J and I, I guess you could say it was a little more deliberate, as M and I pursued J with intentions of bringing him into our relationship on a sexual level, but the progression of that involvement into something more intimate was certainly not deliberate.

Not surprisingly, it was a good dinner. Funny how that works, when we all understand and relate to each other.

The sushi was awesome too.