Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Friday Night to Remember

So this past Friday night M and I met up with our new friends K and E for some hanging out and playtime. Needless to say, it was a very enjoyable and memorable experience.

When M and I got to their house, funnily enough they were watching Shrek 3. I really enjoy the Shrek movies, so we sat down and watched the rest of it with them. At that point K was practically itching to go play, so once the movie was over we trooped out to the outbuilding in their backyard that they’ve converted into a small playroom.

The original, if vague plan was to have both K and I bottom while M and E would top, but it started out with E and I actively topping and M watching/lending a hand in the tying, and I was really feeling my toppiness so it stayed that way pretty much the whole night.

We started out tying K up in various positions, teasing her with a crop and a vibrating massager. It progressed to us tying her up kneeling over the frame of an end table and bringing her to orgasm with the massager and by fucking her with a vibrating dildo. Needless to say, I was massively turned on by her pleasure noises. Every girl’s noises are different but they are all so fascinating, and a huge, huge turn-on for me.

Like I said, I was really enjoying being toppy. At the end of the night K was tied on her back, wrists above her head and her ankles attached to a spreader bar. E was teasing her clit and I was using the crop on her pretty much everywhere, which was great. I also teased her nipples with my Pocket Rocket and played with some mini-clothespins.

Apart from the whole “gorgeous girl tied up and I have permission to torment her” level of enjoyment, I was really getting a kick out of being toppy. See, as M transitions, he has become much, much less bottomy, which I really don’t mind, but apparently I miss being toppy, because I had a lot of fun topping K that night. Even that small degree of power was… exhilarating. I definitely look forward to a repeat performance.

Although, from what I hear next time will be my turn on the bottom. Heh heh. Should be a good time in any case!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Microfantasy Monday - Suction

Many thanks to Ang for providing us the inspiration for our weekly dose of smut!

“Mmmm… I love your lips,” he murmurs as the tip of his thumb traces over them. I close my eyes and revel in the sensation of his rough, callused skin tracing the ridges and curves of my lips. They part slightly as I let out a long, slow breath – one I didn’t realize I had been holding.

Cautiously, tentatively my tongue extends and flicks at his skin and I taste the salty warmth there. He smiles, enjoying my experimentation. His smile emboldens me, so I further part my lips and raise my head just enough to take his thumb into my mouth, cupping my tongue around the pad of the digit as my teeth softly scrape over the nail, sucking softly as I might a cock I intended to tease into rigidity.

His smile grows even as his eyes grow heavy-lidded, and I know I have pleased him. One day, he will know how this feels on his cock; this I promise myself.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Poly Update

So… enlightening developments to the world of M’s and my polyamory. Enlightening, bittersweet and yet in the end, positive. Progress, growth. These are good things. Of course, in order to make progress, often things have to be left behind, and sadly it seems like this is happening with J.

The dynamic of me being in a relationship with both M and J (although M was most definitely my primary and more involved partner) is just not working out. M was becoming overwhelmed with feelings of insecurity and territorial-ness, which weren’t aided at all by general frustration because, well… J is lacking when it comes to relationship savvy, and he was displaying no interest in really accruing that knowledge. To this day he hasn’t really shown any interest or put forth any effort into… well, fulfilling his side of the relationship. Things were completely one-sided. It was frustrating to me, which was only heaping on top of the unhappiness I felt because M was unhappy. Yeah, you can see how it was one big messy vicious cycle.

For the past, I want to say hovering around two weeks I have drawn back from J in a big way. And to be honest part of me does miss him. There was a profound physical attraction there and a huge potential for friendship – when he wasn’t being completely frustrating. And really I don’t think that friendship potential is lost, but it certainly has overshadowed the whole relationship potential.

I was a little upset at first that things seemed to be going in this direction, but eventually it sank in that this is really for the best. And like I told M, I’m not burning any bridges here. For one, J is the son of one of my close friends and I’m not going to make things weird with the whole family. And two, who knows. He might grow up eventually.

Still, though, the whole relationship-with-M-and-someone-else dynamic is one that it doesn’t appear will quite work for M and I. At least, not to the extent that I originally wanted it to work with J, M and I. But, interestingly enough, just as this thing with J has begun to fade out, a new door has opened and it presents a wholly new dynamic that is positively radiant with potential.

Last weekend we attended a BBQ with likeminded friends and got the chance to hang out with a couple we had become briefly acquainted with in the past but hadn’t really gotten to know very well. Things were very relaxed and K (the girl/sub) got to fooling around with a crop, eventually smacking me across the ass with it as E (her boyfriend/Dom) and M looked on, enjoying. Turns out all parties enjoyed it very much! Plans are being made to make it a repeat, and more involved/prolonged performance. I must say, I’m truly excited.

The thing is, I kind of have a mini-crush on K, and M is very appreciative of her too. But that’s the great thing – M is totally comfortable with this, both my crush and our potential, tentative involvement with this other couple. He says it’s for two reasons: (1) K is a girl and not another guy, so he does not feel as “left out” as when I was interested in another guy. (2) K and E have each other and are so, so obviously smitten with each other, so M doesn’t feel like someone else is encroaching on his girl.

It’s funny, for someone so willing to engage in polyamory, he is still fairly territorial and is only willing to share me to an extent. But with this possible new arrangement – even if it’s just a friends-who-play kind of deal – I think things will work out. Yes, I believe they will work out quite nicely!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Shiny HNT

So I'm sure a few of you have heard that I'm a bellydancer, but typically I try to separate my bellydancer side and my kinky side because I don't want to perpetuate that whole "sexual harem dancer" stereotype. But, I can't help but show this off (a) because I made it, (b) because it's shiny and (c) because I should be okay posting this without perpetuating silly stereotypes. ;)

Happy Shiny HNT!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Microfantasy Monday - Silence

This wonderful enlivener to the most dreaded of workdays is brought to you by Ang, the Sweltering Celt - thanks Ang!

“How many items?”

I glance over the clothes draped over my arm. “Six.”

“This way please.” She glances back at me over her shoulder as she leads me to a dressing room, smiles slyly and… was that a wink?

She holds the door open for me as I walk through. “Here, let me help you hang those up.” A quick glance around and she’s behind me through the door, swinging it shut behind her. She yanks the clothes out of my hands and tosses them onto a corner of the bench, then swings me around by the shoulders and slams me up against the door hard enough to make it rattle. Her grin is mischievous, yellow-hazel eyes gleaming from a face framed by glossy black hair.

I blink, and then her lips are on mine, crushing, tasting, biting, soothing and riling. My own clothes join the samples on the bench. Hers join mine. Skin joins skin. The smoothness of her palms, seeking fingers. My eyes go wide and I gasp as they find what they seek.

Before my gasp can be released, though, her other hand is over my mouth, smothering the moan about to escape, smothering the breath about to whoosh out. My eyes go wide as the pressure from her palm and fingers arrows right to my cunt.

“Shhhh,” she whispers. “I’m on the clock!”

Saturday, April 18, 2009

When It All Builds Up, Then Spills Over

I have a confession to make.

I am a sex blogger who doesn’t like to be fucked all that often.

Yes, yes, I know. Blink a few times, shake your head to clear it, let’s move on now shall we?

The thing is… one of the things that gets my rocks off the most is anticipation. Letting the desire and frustration build to a nigh unbearable point and then jumping recklessly off the cliff into the wonderfully turbulent sea below. I love to let days or even weeks of hot dreams, dirty texts, teasing and allllmost-but-not-quite-getting-there build up to the boiling point before satisfaction is finally achieved.

What’s really great about all this is that M and I seem to be settling into… well not so much a routine, really, but a style that works for us. See, M has come to the conclusion that penetration really does not work for him – which, uh, makes sense given the circumstances. And that works for me because I love to give him clit orgasms. I get more of a reaction out of him by playing with his clit – the sounds he makes, the looks he gets on his face… all better when I jack him off than when I fuck him.

Also wonderful is that when I’m not in a receiving mood, I can push him back and get him off – which, oh hey by the way, is one of those things that builds me up to my boiling point! In addition, when he is satisfied (which it seems he needs more often than I do), he is less likely to want to pin me down and fuck me, which… oh hey by the way, gives me more time to build up to my boiling point! So basically, we’re both really finding what works for us in terms of giving the other what he/she wants. And, well… the other night, this whole grand theory was proven in a big way.

I’d reached my boiling point.

It had been building probably for a good two weeks at least. My dreams weren’t helping, nor was each and every time I got M off – I mean really, you can’t imagine how hot that is. Nor was the evening I spent with J. Nor was the evening M and I spent at our friend’s birthday party – the night I got tied up. It all built. And built. And built.

Finally, the morning after the party, it boiled over, and I got some of the best sex ever. It was long lasting, it was rough, it was multi-orgasmic, and I was as limp as an overcooked noodle afterward, except for the muscles of my face stretching into one very satisfied smile. Hell, even M was out of breath.

There is one very interesting phenomena that occurs when I am well and truly horny – like boiling point horny. Usually my nipples are very sensitive. Well, it would be better to say they are usually extremely sensitive, to the point where they are generally untouchable. But when I get that horny, they desensitize and a person could do just about whatever they wanted to do with them. They go from untouchable to practically begging to be pinched, bitten, pulled, twisted… you name it.

Yes, I was that horny.

But I think M took care of that, and took care of it very well.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Who's That Creepin' in the Window?

In light of it being one week and one day after my glasses-forsaking LASIK surgery, I bring you:

My eye, unobscured.

Happy HNT, y'all.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rope Bondage

This past Saturday night was the birthday party for one of the local Doms in the scene and one whom I truly count as a friend. Being that it was a bunch of kinksters throwing the party for him, it naturally was also a play party. And man did we play!

This experience is notable for the fact that the house where the party was held has a smallish outbuilding in the back yard that the owners have converted into a play room complete with rigging equipment. So of course the theme of the night was bondage, although I must say some very impressive spanking and flogging also occurred, since the birthday Dom’s sub had to take every one of the Dom’s birthday spankings. :D

But I digress. Bondage was the theme of the night. My interest in rope bondage has been piqued for a while, but not having any opportunities to try it, I simply held that interest in check until such an opportunity arose. Well, one arose that night.

M told me later that the Dom in charge of the rope rigging had been eyeing me for a good portion of the night, I think because I had expressed some interest in the process. So finally M stood me up (by tricking me into thinking I was just standing up to hug him, I might add) and after some playful struggle, rope was applied.

It was quick. It was simple. We’re not talking any breathtaking masterpiece of shibari or anything. But it was fun. Being able to wiggle only my fingers since my arms were bound to my sides and my wrists were bound to each other – it was a kind of simple playfulness. The rigging Dom and M then laid me back and bound my ankles to a spreader bar, and then hooked the bar up to a ringbolt high up on the wall. That was fun, just kind of swaying my lower body back and forth.

At that point they began to untie me, which was kind of disappointing because I was enjoying myself! They could have done more and I would have been happy with it. There will always be next time, though. And I definitely want there to be a next time, because I really enjoyed myself. Rope bondage is definitely a fetish I could get into!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Microfantasy Monday - Growth

He used to have a clit. But why would so fine a man be satisfied with a small, delicate nub of eager nerves? All that is changing now.

His mini-cock throbs and swells beneath my touch as he moans, his head falling back on the pillows. It stands to attention as I run my fingers along the shaft which before had been entirely hidden beneath the veil of a clitoral hood. His moans turn to gasps and deep, guttural utterances of mindless pleasure.

His cock is growing. And the new man behind the cock is growing on me.

Thanks as always to the Sweltering Celt for providing us this excellent Monday distraction!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Femme on a Budget

To quote the wise and everlasting Kermit the Frog… it isn’t easy being femme! You know what’s even tougher than being femme? Being a femme on a budget.

To put it simply, being fabulous costs money. And when you don’t really have money that isn’t going towards bills and taking care of family (even if the family consists only of fur-kids), it’s hard to be fabulous! Let me tell you, I get edgy when I’m craving new tops or shoes and I can’t afford them. Or even when I need new work clothes because mine are all getting worn down from so much use, and I still can’t afford it. To be frank… it sucks!

So really, what is a femme to do when she can’t afford to clothe herself as a queen? Well, Bahamadia says it right: she gets her shopping on in Wal-Mart and dollar stores. (Oh, and I want to add eBay to that list. The world can be bought at a cheap price on eBay, as long as you know how not to get yourself ripped off.) For example, last night I bought two pairs of insanely cute shoes – one basic black fabric Mary Jane style, wearable for work and anywhere else, and a pair of green polka dot slingback flats that couldn’t be more perfect for the upcoming summer – for less than $15 total. The green pair were already on clearance for $7.00, and all clearance items in the store were going for an extra 50% off this weekend, so that amounted to less than four dollars for a pair of shoes that literally made me squee when I saw them. Now THAT is how to make a frugal femme happy.

So yeah, we less financially comfortable femmes have more work to do. We can’t just walk into Tiffany’s or Saks Fifth Avenue and charge all the fabulosity we want on our American Express. But it’s doable if you know where to look and how to shop wisely. For me, discount stores are my friends, sales are my love and clearance is the Holy Grail of my consumer existence.

And in the end, much like a double bacon cheeseburger after weeks of cheap ramen noodles, finding femme perfection on the shelves after long, torturous bouts of window shopping is sweet, sweet satisfaction.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Very Marked HNT

I thought this picture was too wonderful not to share - and who doesn't love a tongue-in-cheek HNT every now and then, huh?

I would say, "Rest assured, that's not my arm," except that while it's not mine, it's M's! And nooo, unfortunately those lovely markings were not from me or J... they were from a 12-week old kitten! See the little reddish specks? Yeah - tooth marks. Kittens may be cute and fuzzy... but they're lethal! ;)

Oh, and all that hassle was over a simple nail trim. *snort* Go figure!