Monday, August 31, 2009

Microfantasy Monday - Sound

Thanks as always to Ang the Sweltering Celt for the weekly micro-inspiration!

It’s a rumble in the ear, or perhaps a soft hiss punctuating the silence. A guttural growl piercing through the darkness or a low moan reverberating through the bones.

It’s the rustling of cotton sheets being twisted and tangled underneath the slap and whisper of skin, and the creak of bemused bedsprings, the thunk of bone against wall and the accompanying chuckle being swallowed by groaning lips.

It’s floating, floundering, drowning and the discovery of being able to breathe underneath the waves, of finding a second home in that which once was unknown and uncharted.

It’s you. And it’s me. A symphony.


Ang said...

Ironic, or maybe not so ironic, that you called it a symphony. Love it, hon.

M said...

So primal... Love it!

PapaTom said...

Loved your symphony - interesting that we both found the same interpretation of sounds

Your words stack on top of each other nicely. Truly enjoyed it

Kyle said...

I really like this. Great combination of physical sensations and sounds. I really like your next to last paragraph.. that's really nice :-)

Stacy said...

It takes more than one voice to create the symphony. I like that you played off each sound, building to (dare I say it) a crescendo! Very nice.