Sunday, July 6, 2008

A minor discovery

...About myself, that is.

Ever since I realized my attraction to females as well as males, I just settled myself nicely into the "bisexual" category. Of course, that plays back into my hatred of labels, but what the hell are you supposed to tell people who ask - "I refuse to label myself because the categorical nature of humans is ridiculous!" It's easier not only mentally but syllabically just to say "straight" or "bi" or "gay" or whatever!

Anyway... I kept seeing this term "pansexual" around, not only here but on other sites, etc. I understood it to mean that the person is just attracted to... people! Gender, genitals didn't matter. Attraction did. And the funny thing is, that's how I've always felt. I don't care what genitals a person has, or what gender a person identifies as, if they're attractive, they're attractive!

Well, it finally hit me: I am pansexual. Not "bisexual with a disregard for gender." Pan-freaking-sexual. And there again, saying "pansexual" is far fewer syllables than saying "bisexual" and then having to explain my carelessness about the genitals a person was born with!

Of course, how many "vanilla" people are even going to understand if/when I said "I'm pansexual?" That's another entry unto itself, I think!