Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Portland, Part 2a: Friday

Thursday. Well, aside from the lonnnng stretch of road and some really good not-quite-Italian food, not much happened. Besides a lot of anticipation for the next day, because Friday was where it was at, folks. Allow me to begin.

Firstly, I slept until eleven freakin’ a.m. on Friday. Shyeah, when was the last time I did THAT? I think it had something to do with the blackout curtains. Gord bless the Marriott for installing those blackout curtains. It nearly made up for the fact that I could only open the room’s window about an inch and a half.

Not long after I was out of the shower (and yes, you’re more than welcome to allow your mind to linger on that image) the now-braindead vet techs returned, after which M and I set out on our Big Zoo Adventure. Aside from it pouring – literally, pouring – on us for a good chunk of the time, the Portland Zoo was really great. So great that between meandering around (and hunkering down out of the rain) and the evening rush hour traffic, we arrived back at the hotel not long before we were to meet… Kyle!

That last half hour fled like a gazelle before the cheetah and before I knew it, Kyle was calling me. We agreed I would meet him down in the lobby just to avoid any potential confusion with the lobby staff. So down I went in the elevator and… there he was, doing that fantastically sexy butch lean against one of the columns in the lobby, looking utterly nonchalant. And funnily enough, after all the excitement I felt at meeting him and the little bit of gastric-butterfly nervousness I felt for a fleeting moment in the elevator, the moment I saw him – and better, the moment we hugged a real, body-to-body, lasting, comfortable hug – I was completely at ease. It is impossible to be anything but around Kyle. (Well, besides horny, etc. But those are different animals!)

Up we went to the hotel room again, but alas, my friends, nothing happened at just that moment. Kyle teased, but apparently he was holding off on the gooooood stuff ‘til later. The three of us chatted a bit then got down to the business of deciding on, then mapping out how to get to a place to eat. We decided on Burrito House, a cute little Mexican establishment where Kyle’s soccer team used to have post-game noshes. The food was great, as was the company… that is until the karaoke started and was dominated by two old folks who wouldn’t know a tune if it smacked them with a spiked paddle. We made a hasty exit at that point, but we weren’t ready to go back to the hotel room so we stopped at a pizzeria/bar near the hotel and got our drink/conversation/flirtation/laughter on. We were all admiring the female bartender who was very cute and smelled AWESOME. Oh, and she kept touching Kyle. Gee I wonder why!

Finally, we decided to go back to the hotel and from there, the fun began…


Kyle said...

Amber, I was a bit nervous to meet you two as well. It was fun hanging out with you and getting to know the real people behind the blog and twitter accounts.

Ok, can't wait to see what happens in part 2 ;-)