Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I have been such a neglectful blogger these past several days. Shame on me. (Who wants to deliver the spankings? Hee.)

I went through every blog on my kinky blogroll to find inspiration. Funnily enough, mentioning to a friend that there haven't been many kinky happenings in my life lately (I know, how sad) reminded me that M and I had an interesting conversation last night, between all the bickering.

A woman in the local scene has been talking about holding mini-seminars for such things as knife play, fire play, needle play, the many ways to flog, etc etc. I guess that got M thinking about what she would and wouldn't do. Knife play we've already done, so that's obviously a go. Fire play - haven't talked about that much. She's a bit of a pyro though, so I imagine she'd be favorable. Flogging - duh. Needle play, though... interestingly enough, she said that's one thing she absolutely does not want to do. This surprised me because she's not afraid of piercings - she's talked about wanting to get an industrial done, and her nipples pierced once she's had top surgery. But then, I guess it's different for some, having something more or less permanently pierced for aesthetic/sensation purposes, and having needles basically threaded or woven through the skin just for play.

Me? I'm all for it. I'm pretty sure I already told that local woman at our last munch (the inaugural munch!) that I'd be more than willing to engage in needle play. Yum.

Oh yeah, and no fucking kidding about people coming out of the woodwork. S. Oregon's no, say, Portland or Seattle or any metropolitan area, but for a fairly small, conservative city with no major cities around it, there's a pretty good scene here! And it's getting so much better. Maybe it's only getting better because I'm officially a part of it. Either way, exciting.

S'all for now! Thinking about trying to get back into writing some erotica at some point. We shall see...