Wednesday, August 27, 2008


You would think that with all the thoughts running through my head lately, I would have something to write about. Yeesh.

September feels like it will be a month of firsts. For one, I'm starting my new job in September. A 365 days of pictures project in which I'm participating starts in September (that should be an interesting endeavor). And, or at least I'm hoping, my first munch will be in September.

I'm part of a regional group that does monthly munches (among other activities) in various cities in my area. July I just missed and August there was no munch because most of the group organizers were going up to a BDSM campout. Sooo, come September, I'm hoping...! I feel like that will be my "big break" into the BDSM world. I may actually have something interesting about which to write at that point.

I'm sorry, to the few readers I may have. I feel like a well run dry, and I've only just begun. I guess there are just a couple more obstacles I have to overcome to be a truly good kink blogger - being actually IN the realtime scene would be one of them!

The Internet makes the world feel so small that it's a huge disappointment when I realize that all of these friends I have online, kinky and otherwise, are nowhere near me. I will most likely never be able to see, hug, kiss, have coffee with or chat face to face with any of them. It's saddening because of course the Internet opens a person up to meeting the coolest people. Naturally, none of the coolest people exist anywhere near me!

I'm sorry again. I didn't mean for this post to turn into a pity party. I just wanted to write something so that this blog doesn't get an abandoned feel to it. I want very much to be a successful kink blogger. Of course, every road in life has its bumps and rough spots - I guess this is just one of them.