Monday, March 30, 2009


It occurred to me today that in relative comparison to its new offshoots, “orgasm” has almost become a boring word! Let’s have a lookover, shall we?

The foundation of them all, the traditional orgasm: well hell, we all know what an orgasm is, yes? If not… well well well, maybe it’s time you learn!

But now there’s more. There’s the foodgasm: that really amazing “mmmm” reaction you get when you bite into a really well-cooked meal, or your favorite food. Often, like in a true orgasm, the eyes will roll back into the head and will sometimes even be accompanied by a full-body shudder.

Then there’s one I only recently discovered, the numbergasm: a term describing the “OMGawesome” amused feeling one gets when a certain set of numbers stands out to the eye. For example, my most recent numbergasm revolved around the date March 6th of this year – 03/06/09!

And what about the LOLgasm? That oh so wonderful feeling when you’re laughing so hard, tears are streaming down your face – which is hurting from being contorted in such a manner for so long – your stomach muscles are cramping (mmm, sound familiar?) and the feeling spreads through your body much like the waves of an orgasm. This one even comes complete with its own afterglow! (Although I imagine the tryptophan-induced coma one incurs after a really HUGE Thanksgiving dinner is pretty damn close to the post-coital glow…)

The best thing about orgasm is that it can be compounded with just about any other word out there to create your very own customized –gasm. What are yours?

The first one that jumps to my mind is a tequilagasm, describing the intensely wonderful feeling I get when I drink tequila in any form. This one, I feel, is actually closely related to the orgasm itself because typically when I drink, I get very, very inappropriately horny – and we all know where that goes!

My personal favorite is the dancegasm, which is the giddy, euphoria-high feeling I get when I bellydance, even if it’s just goofing around my living room. What can I say? Something about shaking my ass just feels awesome!

So… what –gasms do you claim?


Ang said...


Geek/nerdgasm - when something amazingly awesome happens within your personal scope of geekdom or nerdtasticness and you turn into either a fanboy/girl or a blubbering pile of squee-goo.

I think there should be a kinkgasm, but two different kinds. One, when you finally discover a kink that suits you amazingly perfectly and you're shocked you never realized it before. Two, for days after an amazing scene the sensation you get when you think back on it and you go all mushy inside.

I'm sure there's more but my brain just ground to a halt.